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Pack Your Passions

Wherever you go, there you are! So why leave yourself behind when you travel? Avalon puts the “you” in “unique” with special interest themed river cruises that are suited to your passions and pursuits. Do you love gardens and nature? Walk through the biggest garden in Europe during tulip season in Holland. Appreciate a fine wine or hearty ale? Taste regional vintages from Paris to Provence, or raise a stein of frothy brew from Basel to Nuremberg. Our WWII or Habsburg & Royalty cruises provide the epic page-turner you’ve been looking for! Focus on your shutterbug skills on a photography cruise, or take a culinary or Christmastime river cruise to indulge in local culture, cuisine, and everything in between!

    Active & Discovery Cruises

    Everyone travels to see new things, but many travel to do new things as well. With our Active & Discovery Europe river cruises, Avalon offers activities for travelers with varying interests and for all energy and fitness levels. From action-packed experiences and interactive discoveries, to traditional sightseeing, you can tailor a vacation to suit your interests and pace.

    • Exploration in Motion. For the travel lover who thrives on motion and action, Avalon has created a broad menu of energetic excursions that pack real get-up-and-go.
    • Engaging Experiences. Avalon presents an inspiring selection of hands-on experiences created for the different kind of “doer.” Traditions come to life as you shift from observer to participant in a variety of creative and engaging endeavors.
    • Exceptional Insights. Dive deeper into the beauty and history of iconic sites with the local expertise as only Avalon can share. Explore off-the-beaten paths and legendary places that make history leap from the pages of each adventure. 

    Storyteller Cruises

    Looking for an epic adventure? Look no further than our Storyteller Series of Suite Ship sailings. Hosted by celebrity authors, actors, artists and musicians, these cruises are the perfect intertwining of facts, fiction and fun. Scenic ports, riveting plots, rich history and intriguing mystery converge on the world’s most celebrated rivers as you get the inside stories on your favorite books, songs, movies and more.

    • Diana Gabaldon. Author of the No. 1 New York Times-bestselling OUTLANDER series is personally hosting a Storyteller cruise.
    • Graham McTavish. Set sail on a 8-day, Active & Discovery cruise that paints a thousand words with celebrity host and storyteller Graham McTavish!
    • Jen Hatmaker. Here’s a cruise to write home about! Join Jen Hatmaker on an 8-day, Active & Discovery in Holland & Belgium sailing for her 50th birthday! 
    • Sister Hazel. Calling all "Hazelnuts" to celebrate Sister Hazel's 30th anniversary aboard a musical journey that's "All for You" on the Danube River! 

    Wine Lovers Cruises

    Cruise with a distinguished Master of Wine on a wine-lover’s cruise. Onboard tastings and regional excursions to the legendary cellars of Europe, as well as instruction in food-and-wine pairing, will give you a new appreciation for the fruit of the vine. Discover the vineyards and vintages you’ll remember for ages to come. 

    Beer Enthusiasts Cruises

    Lifting a stein tends to lift the spirits, or so say those who raise a toast in the biergartens of Europe. Cruise with a certified beer expert and discover regional beers, visit historic breweries, attend special beer tastings, and learn about European brewing techniques with fascinating lectures and workshops. Prost! 

    Culinary Experience Cruises

    What gastronomical delights come to mind when you think of Burgundy and Provence? The rich landscapes of France are synonymous with sumptuous food and wine. Join Avalon for a culinary adventure where food is an art form in haute cuisine and traditional simple favorites in the birthplace of crêpes and Chardonnay.

    Festive Season Cruises

    Sail into the season, aglow with the warmth a simpler time. From hot-mulled wine to glistening lights and grand cathedral heights, celebrate the festive season on a European river cruise in timeless tradition. Hear German musical instruments come alive; taste Austrian Christmas cookies; see Melk’s Benedictine Abbey; and feel the spirit of the season.  

    European History Cruises

    Follow the steps of heroes on an Avalon Remembrance and History cruise to follow the legends and legacies of WWII—from the beaches of Normandy to Vimy Ridge and beyond. Sail with an expert history guide in 2024 to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day to experience the personal stories of courage and valor.

    Music and Jazz Cruises

    America may have given birth to jazz, but Paris was the first to hail it as a true artform. Avalon adds all that jazz to our Jazz Lovers’ cruise through France. And the music keeps playing on an Avalon Music Lovers’ cruise on the Danube as melodies of Mozart, Beethoven, and Strauss waltz into your heart with stirring performances in stunning concert halls. 

    Garden & Nature
    Lover Cruises

    From Holland’s Keukenhof Gardens to Amsterdam’s flower auction, to the tulip fields that seem to go on forever. Spring blooms in the heart of an Avalon Garden and Nature river cruise with a kaleidoscope of horticultural traditions and history across Holland and Belgium's most beautiful landscapes. 

    Enthusiasts Cruises

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We say it's worth a thousand memories of the spectacular sights and experiences on an Avalon cruise. Cruise in the company of an award-winning photographer and fellow shutterbugs to snap the perfect shot around each corner. 


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