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A jug of wine, a loaf of bread, and thou! Avalon has the wine and menus, so all we need is you to join us on a wine-lovers European river cruise! Whether you have a nose for the perfect Burgundy, or if everything you know about wine could fit in a thimbleful of Chardonnay, you’re invited to join us to sniff, swirl, and sip your way through Europe’s legendary and picturesque vineyards. Enter the hallowed halls of the ancient cellars where winemakers still press the perfect grape into the nectar of the gods. Cruise with a certified Master of Wine who gives a new meaning to the phrase “wine and dine.” Learn to perfectly pair wines with dinner, cheeses, and chocolates with a choice of itinerary destinations ranging from Prague to Provence, from Burgundy to Budapest. Sample regional vintages and visit legendary cellars on these Danube, Rhône, Rhine, Moselle, and Saône River cruises. In vino veritas!

About Masters of Wine

Seldom do travelers get the chance to learn about wines from a master! Avalon invites you to sail in the company of a Master of Wine (MW) who shares elite experience, unsurpassed knowledge, and personal passion for wines on board your ship. With only 450 Masters of Wine in the world, Avalon Waterways is honored to welcome a Master of Wine on board our Wine-Lovers cruises to share their rigorous training and prestigious expertise recognized globally across the wine industry. A truly exclusive experience for wine lovers!

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