Avalon River Cruising & Small Ship Cruising

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Avalon makes it easy to experience your vacation your way with seamless extension options before and after your cruise. Your way offers added nights in a selection of locales. From Budapest to Barcelona, you can spend a little or a lot more time getting to know more on shore with your way custom itineraries.

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Start your vacation earlier or stay longer with destination options before or after your Avalon cruise. Begin in Brussels, linger in Vienna, or enjoy a few nights in dazzling Prague. Your way lets you add the perfect amount of time on land to begin or conclude your Avalon river cruise!

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Monograms vacation packages include guided sightseeing with access to the famous sites, and plenty of independent vacation time to see the world’s iconic cities. Your Monograms Local Host® is available with assistance and recommendations so you can enjoy your stay your way.

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Explore more with a Globus tour before your Avalon cruise. For more than 90 years, Globus has shown the world to travelers just like you, with knowledgeable Tour Directors, guided sightseeing with access to the iconic sites, and off-the-beaten-path locales the locals know and love.