Wine River Cruises

Whether you're a weekend sipper or a wannabe sommelier, why not take a cruise where winding rivers and world-class wines flow? On an Avalon wine appreciation cruise, vino lovers of the world unite with the world’s most renowned winemakers and wine masters.

Sniff, swirl, and sip your way past the rolling vineyards of Europe as a certified Master of Wine-the most respected title in the wine industry-gives new meaning to the phrase "wine and dine." On board you’ll learn the perfect pairings for every delicacy from cheese to chocolate, while on land you’ll walk along the hallowed halls of the ancient cellars of wine masters, makers, and merchants.

Along the Danube, Rhône, and Saône, we’ll introduce you to the history-rich hillsides and the even richer reds, whites, and rosés they produce.