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Cruise to Europe with Avalon Waterways

Just as the great cities of the world arose along the great rivers of Europe, so did the gentle hills and humble villages that you’ll encounter on an Avalon European river cruise. From the rich heritage of Budapest to the rare haunts of Bucharest, and from the castles of Germany to the classics of Vienna, the treasures of the Danube River beckon to us. And while we may follow the Danube, Rhine, Seine, Saone, Moselle, and Main Rivers, you need only follow your passions to experience your cruise your way. From active pursuits on a bike or a hike in Burgundy to a new discovery in a painting class in Amsterdam; from the beloved classic sights in Paris to Portugal's vibrant vineyards — how you experience an Avalon European river cruise is up to you. Your captain, cruise director, and caring crew deliver relaxed luxury from start to finish.

Happiness Flows in Every Direction

From windmills and wine to castles and coastlines, all are in your view on an Avalon river cruise in Europe. Tip your beret to bountiful France. Mosey on the Moselle or make waves on the waterways of Holland. Find serenity on the Seine or roam the Rhine Valley. Waltz through history on the Danube or revel on the Rhône. Rock the boat with countless ways to discover your choice of European river cruises where happiness flows!

    Rhône River Cruises

    An important inland trade and transportation route since Greek times, the Rhône River flows south from the Swiss Alps to the Mediterranean Sea, winding through the orchards and vineyards that inspired great artists in the Rhône Valley. 

    Why Cruise the Rhône River?

    Saône River Cruises

    The Saône River-its name derived from the Gallic river goddess, Souconna-flows from northeastern France to join the Rhône River in Lyon. The Saône passes through the picturesque wine-making landscapes of Burgundy and Beaujolais.

    Seine River Cruises

    The Seine rises just northwest of Dijon and flows in northwesterly through Paris before emptying into the English Channel at Le Havre. It's one of Europe's great historic rivers and since the early Middle Ages has been considered the river of Paris.

    Why Cruise the Seine River?

    The Nile River

    Follow the lifeline of Egyptian civilization and customs of ancient temples, royal tombs, and local villages along longest river in the world. Unravel the mysteries and marvel at mammoth feats that defy explanation and drive the imagination along the mysterious and legendary Nile River.   

    Why Cruise the Nile River?

    The Mekong River

    From its source high up in the Tibetan Plateau, the powerful Mekong River courses for over 3,000 miles through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, providing a lifeline for millions of people. Discover the graceful life along the Mother of Water through Cambodia and Vietnam.

    Why Cruise the Mekong River?

    The Galápagos Islands

    Consisting of 13 large and hundreds of small islands in the Pacific Ocean off the western coast of South America, the Galápagos Islands are home to some of the world's most fascinating animal species found nowhere else in the world. Here, perfectly adapted giant tortoises, penguins, sea lions, marine iguanas, and birds thrive on these rugged volcanic isles that inspired Charles Darwin.

    Why Cruise the Galápagos Islands?

    The Mighty Amazon River

    The Amazon River brims with biodiversity at its greatest in the untamed rainforest of Peru. This perfect ecosystem teems with flora and fauna in a kaleidoscope of life–with more than 800 species of bird, 7,000 flowering plants, and nearly 2,500 varieties of butterfly–not to mention a menagerie of exotic mammals and reptiles. Oh, and pink river dolphins, too.   

    Why Cruise the Amazon River?