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Pick a wine-themed cruise for your organization and the perfect partnership pairing with Avalon.

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    Uncorked Fun!

    Avalon’s wine cruises give your group the perfect opportunity to enter the hallowed halls of ancient cellars where master winemakers still press the perfect grape into a glassful of goodness.

    Wine & Dine.

    Guests also cruise with a certified Master of Wine who gives new meaning to the phrase – “wine and dine.” our cruises feature regional vintages produced along the Danube, Rhône, Moselle, Rhine and Saône Rivers.

The Perfect Partnership Pairing.

When you set sail on the award-winning Suite Ships of Avalon, you’re navigating the vacation of a lifetime. Together, we can not only make travel dreams come true, we can provide your organization engaging content to cater to your audience coupled with incredible deals and paid incentives, not available through any other channel.

Avalon Waterways offers your organization two ways to partner:

1. Travel Promotions & Paid Incentives.

When you make the decision to promote Avalon Waterways to your fans, followers, and friends, you'll enjoy the benefits of special promotional offers as well as paid incentives for bookings made. Not only will we give your organization a special promotion code for select trips; you can get paid for every booking made through your group. So, if you’re looking for fun ways to add funds to your bottom line or non-profit needs, we’ve got the solution!

    1-15 Guests Booked

    3% incentive/booking

    Average commission is $150/person
    (up to $2,000 earning potential)


    15-49 Guests Booked

    5% incentive/booking

    Average commission is $250/person
    (up to $12,000 earning potential)


    50+ Guests Booked

    7% incentive/booking

    Average commission is $350/person
    (up to $17,000 earning potential)


2. Group Trips.

Another way to set sail together and save is by organizing a group trip for like-minded travelers from your database of fans, followers, and friends. With Avalon, only 8 guests make a group! And, when you book 8 people on a cruise, you’re in for extra savings including discounts or even the potential to earn a complimentary trip) not to mention, tons of fun! We can work with you to choose the perfect itinerary and departure date to ensure happiness flows on your organization’s group trip!

If you’re thinking,
"you had me at Merlot"...

Contact Regina Vertiz,
Partnership Specialist 

Phone: 303.625.7646