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Cruising Elevated.

Innovative, transformative, original. Avalon Waterways has redefined cruising by going against the current and away from the ordinary. Delivering unparalleled experiences and boundless exploration, Avalon puts you in the captain’s seat to navigate your journey, fuel your passions and steer clear of the unexpected as you cruise down the world’s most memorable and mesmerizing waterways. One step aboard our modern, luxurious Suite Ships with the grandest views in cruising and you’ll see how the tides they are a-changin’.

Welcome to a new wave in cruising. Welcome aboard Avalon Waterways.

Bordeaux Elevated! Cruise the Garonne River in 2025.


Free to Be. Free to See.

    Stray the course.

    The best things in life are free. Floating through time and timeless scenery is no doubt one of the most luxurious ways to see the world. Yet on an Avalon cruise, we believe the greatest luxury is freedom – the freedom to wake up to a world of possibilities, the freedom to personally design your days of discovery and the freedom to pursue your passions. Avalon goes beyond the one-size-fits-all itineraries and traditional sightseeing of other cruise lines to offer engaging new ways to see the Old World. 

    Suite Dreams Sales Event.

    Ride the new wave in cruising when you set sail on a river cruise vacation that inspires freedom. Freedom to indulge. To explore. To connect with people and places. To follow your passions. To wander and wonder. To engage with the Old World in new ways, outside the bounds of “traditional” sightseeing. A no-strings-attached cruise where you can be you, do you and see the world through your eyes and interests. And when you book your 2024 Suite Ship sail early, you’ll also enjoy FREE AIR plus $500 OFF per couple.

Wide open wonder.

Avalon River Cruise Ship at Night

It doesn’t get any suiter.

Enjoy the perfect blend of elegance and ease – where little touches are bold, gestures are grand and the views even grander. There’s a reason our ships are the critics’ darlings and favorites among our most discerning guests. Our boutique-hotel-inspired Panorama Suites feature the industry’s only Open-Air Balconies with the widest-opening windows in cruising and decadent Comfort Collection beds that face the ever-changing scenery.

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Better By Design

    Pack your passions

    As you set sail down the world’s most legendary waters, we’ve curated a collection of the most intriguing experiences to immerse yourself in – both on board and off.

    See more than the sea

    On a typical cruise, you see waves, water and more water. On an Avalon cruise, legendary landmarks and postcard-perfect landscapes are always in view. Dock to discovery takes mere minutes.

    Let’s dish

    While we naturally present the signature delicacies of the regions you visit, we enrich the gastronomic journey by offering multiple dining venues, bringing unexpected culinary experiences to the table.

Feel the Energy

At Avalon, we’re committed to enhancing your cruising experience while reducing our own impact on the world. Taking sustainability to greater depths, we are conserving energy, saving water and limiting waste production across operations, dining and housekeeping on each and every ship. Devoted to reducing, recycling and repurposing at every turn, our list of green practices is longer than the blue Danube.

Home suite home

We have our 3:1 guest-to-crew ratio down to a science. But knowing the right amount of anticipation, the right amount of attention and the right amount of space to give each guest is an art. Our crew is devoted without being daunting, focused but not fussy and supportive minus the smother. Our guests cherish the warmth of our crew members. And the feeling is mutual.

Welcome aboard your new home “suite” home!


(And thank you, by the way)

Cruise Critic Awards

Cruise Critic named Avalon’s staterooms the best in the business, and yes, we’re blushing a bit. But it’s only because we’ve taken such pride in bringing you river cruising’s only Open-Air Balcony stateroom design, featuring beds with a view. Rest easy (literally) as you enjoy bigger views, more space and 24/7 access to open-air cruising. With Avalon, the views are as wide open as the possibilities.