Romantic Rhine – Southbound

Romantic Rhine – Southbound 2016 / 2015

8 Day River Cruise from Amsterdam to Basel

One of Europe’s most legendary rivers awaits on this mesmerizing journey along the Rhine. Enjoy a canal cruise in splendid Amsterdam as well as guided sightseeing in Cologne, Koblenz, and Strasbourg. Delight in excursions to Germany’s Black Forest and to Heidelberg, Germany’s oldest university town with its imposing castle. Also sail through the dramatic Rhine Gorge, see the legendary Lorelei rock, and visit the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz.

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04/09/16 04/16/16 60409 Tranquility II $2,848 $3,698 Sold Out Reserve Now
04/10/16 04/17/16 60410 Felicity $2,649 $3,298 $4,048 Reserve Now
04/16/16 04/23/16 60416 Imagery II $2,899 Sold Out Sold Out Reserve Now
04/23/16 04/30/16 60423 Tranquility II Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out
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04/24/16 05/01/16 60424 Offer Felicity $2,999 $3,648 $4,398 Reserve Now
04/30/16 05/07/16 60430 Imagery II $3,149 $4,198 Sold Out Reserve Now
05/07/16 05/14/16 60507 Tranquility II $3,149 $4,198 Sold Out Reserve Now
05/08/16 05/15/16 60508 Felicity $3,199 $3,848 Sold Out Reserve Now
05/14/16 05/21/16 60514 Visionary Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out NOT AVAILABLE   
05/21/16 05/28/16 60521 Tranquility II $3,398 $4,398 Sold Out Reserve Now
05/22/16 05/29/16 60522 Felicity $3,199 $3,898 $4,598 Reserve Now
05/28/16 06/04/16 60528 Imagery II $3,199 $4,298 Sold Out Reserve Now
06/04/16 06/11/16 60604 Tranquility II $3,348 Sold Out Sold Out Reserve Now
06/05/16 06/12/16 60605 Felicity $3,149 $3,848 Sold Out Reserve Now
06/11/16 06/18/16 60611 Imagery II $3,149 $4,198 Sold Out Reserve Now
06/18/16 06/25/16 60618 Tranquility II $3,348 $4,198 Sold Out Reserve Now
06/19/16 06/26/16 60619 Felicity $3,149 $3,798 $4,548 Reserve Now
06/25/16 07/02/16 60625 Imagery II $3,099 $4,148 Sold Out Reserve Now
07/02/16 07/09/16 60702 Tranquility II $2,999 $4,098 Sold Out Reserve Now
07/03/16 07/10/16 60703 Felicity $2,999 $3,648 $4,398 Reserve Now
07/09/16 07/16/16 60709 Imagery II $2,999 $4,048 Sold Out Reserve Now
07/16/16 07/23/16 60716 Tranquility II $2,999 $4,048 Sold Out Reserve Now
07/17/16 07/24/16 60717 Felicity $2,999 $3,648 $4,398 Reserve Now
07/23/16 07/30/16 60723 Imagery II $2,999 $4,048 Sold Out Reserve Now
07/30/16 08/06/16 60730 Tranquility II Sold Out $4,048 $4,898 Reserve Now
07/31/16 08/07/16 60731 Felicity $2,999 $3,648 $4,398 Reserve Now
08/04/16 08/11/16 60804 Luminary $2,999 $3,648 $4,398 Reserve Now
08/06/16 08/13/16 60806 Imagery II $2,999 $4,048 Sold Out Reserve Now
08/13/16 08/20/16 60813 Tranquility II $2,999 $4,048 Sold Out Reserve Now
08/14/16 08/21/16 60814 Offer Felicity $2,999 $3,648 $4,398 Reserve Now
08/20/16 08/27/16 60820 Imagery II $2,999 $4,048 Sold Out Reserve Now
08/27/16 09/03/16 60827 Offer Tranquility II $3,248 $4,148 Sold Out Reserve Now
08/28/16 09/04/16 60828 Felicity $3,049 $3,698 $4,448 Reserve Now
09/03/16 09/10/16 60903 Imagery II $3,249 $4,298 Sold Out Reserve Now
09/10/16 09/17/16 60910 Tranquility II $3,249 Sold Out Sold Out Reserve Now
09/11/16 09/18/16 60911 Felicity $3,249 $3,898 $4,648 Reserve Now
09/17/16 09/24/16 60917 Imagery II $3,249 Sold Out Sold Out Reserve Now
09/24/16 10/01/16 60924 Tranquility II Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out NOT AVAILABLE   
09/25/16 10/02/16 60925 Felicity $3,149 $3,948 $4,548 Reserve Now
09/29/16 10/06/16 60929 Visionary $3,049 $4,248 $4,948 Reserve Now
10/01/16 10/08/16 61001 Imagery II Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out NOT AVAILABLE   
10/08/16 10/15/16 61008 Tranquility II $3,148 $4,048 Sold Out Reserve Now
10/09/16 10/16/16 61009 Offer Felicity $2,949 $3,598 $4,348 Reserve Now
10/15/16 10/22/16 61015 Imagery II Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out NOT AVAILABLE   
10/22/16 10/29/16 61022 Tranquility II $2,799 $3,898 Sold Out Reserve Now
10/23/16 10/30/16 61023 Offer Felicity $2,799 $3,448 $4,198 Reserve Now
10/29/16 11/05/16 61029 Offer Imagery II $2,699 $3,748 $4,598 Reserve Now
11/05/16 11/12/16 61105 Tranquility II $2,599 $3,648 $4,498 Reserve Now
11/26/16 12/03/16 61126 Imagery II $2,398 $3,248 $4,098 Reserve Now
12/10/16 12/17/16 61210 Imagery II $2,199 $3,248 $4,098 Reserve Now
Prices shown are "starting at" prices and do not include airfare.
Gateway for departure is Zürich, Switzerland.

Port charges:

Gratuities to Local Guides & Excursion Drivers are included.

Please call for single accommodation price. Triples not available.

Extra nights per person in Amsterdam:
in single room from $250 to $330, in twin room from $152 to $185

Extra nights per person in Zürich:
in single room $205, in twin room $125

Prices shown include cruise in Category E in a deluxe outside stateroom on Indigo Deck.

To upgrade to a higher category, add per person:

Category / Decks / Price
B / Sapphire Deck / $649
A / Sapphire Deck / $699
P / Royal Deck / $799
Avalon Suite / Royal Deck / $1,399

Tranquility II/Imagery II/Visionary
Category / Decks / Price
D / Indigo / Deck / $199
B / Sapphire Deck / $1,049
A / Sapphire Deck / $,1099
P / Royal Deck / $1,199
Royal Suite / Royal Deck / $1,899

  • Departures November 26 and December 10 are offered as exclusive Festive Time Cruises, including special features and visits to Christmas markets at no additional cost. Experience the holiday season the European way! Enjoy the jolly atmosphere on your festively decorated ship as you delight in the sights, smells, and tastes of local customs and traditions.

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Booking your Vacation with Air
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Air-Inclusive Vacations — Applicable Taxes & Fees
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