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2016 Solo Traveler Deal

2016 Solo Traveler Deal

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Single Supplement Waived on 2016 Avalon Europe River Cruises*

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*Book a select 2016 Avalon Waterways Europe river cruise in order to waive the cabin single supplement fee. Only five promotional staterooms available each departure, Applies to E, D, B, A & P cabin categories. Booking must be made, under deposit, and discount applied between June 23, 2015 and November 8, 2016 for travel in 2016. Applies to new 2016 bookings only and will not be applied to pre-existing bookings. Offer reliant on space availability and may be withdrawn at any time. Not combinable with any other offer other than Journeys Club Repeat Traveler benefit. Full cancellation penalties will apply. Additional restrictions may apply; see Travel Terms & Conditions for details. May be withdrawn at any time. SWPQ

The following departures are excluded from this promotion:
WNV061211, WNV61127, WNV61209, WOA060428, WLCM60617, WNB060913, WAZ61008, WZA61001, WZAM61001, WPL061022, WPPM61022, WRN60913, WRN060915, WZA60806, WLA60729, WLA060730, WLAM60729, WZAM60806, WPL61008, WALM61008, WAL061008, WAL61008, WCLM61013, WCL061015, WCL61013, WBN60724, WBN060726, WARZ60728, WNB61019, WNB061022, WPP60514, WPPM60514, WLP60506, WLP060507, WBAM60701, WBAM60819, WBN060920, WBN061001, WBN60918, WBN60929, WBOE60420, WBOE60629, WBOE60907, WBOE60928, WBK61118, WBKQ61115, WKB61108, WKBQ61105, WPLM61022, WKBY61105, WKBE61108, WLPM60506, WPPM60514, WAZ60410, WAZ60521, WAZ60522, WAZ60618, WBO60420, WBO60629, WBO60907, WBO60928, WAX60412, WAZ60903, WAZ60917, WAZ60929, WAZ60929, WAZ61126, WBA60513, WBA60603, WBA60624, WBA60701, WBA60819, WBAM60513, WBAM60624, WBR060507, WBR60505, WBV061027, WBV61025, WCL060402, WCL060913, WCL061001, WCL60331, WCL60911, WCL60929, WCLM60331, WCLM60414, WCLM60911, WCLM60929, WFB61207, WFN061207, WFN61207, WHA60428, WLA060618, WLA060827, WLA060924, WLA061008, WLA061008, WLA60617, WLA60826, WLA60923, WLA61007, WLA61007, WLAM60617, WLAM60826, WLAM60923, WLAM61007, WLAM61007, WLC060405, WLC060618, WLC060924, WLC061008, WLC60404, WLC60617, WLC60923, WLC61007, WLCM60404, WLP60613, WLP60617, WLP60923, WLP61007, WPL60924, WPLM60322, WBN61009, WBN061011, WPP61015, WPPM61015, WCL060830, WPL060322, WAL060521, WAL060618, WAL60409, WAL60521, WAL60618, WALM60409, WALM60521, WALM60618, WAO60520, WPL060326, WPL60823, WPL060409, WPL060712, WPL060906, WPL060924, WPL60322, WVN061205, WVN061205, WVN061217, WVN61205, WVA60508, WNB060602, WNB060610, WNB060624, WNB060705, WCLM60828, WNB060812, WNB060923, WNB060927, WPL60326, WPL60409, WPL60712, WAL60409, WAL060409, WPP61022, WPL61022, WALM60409, WCL060416, WCLM60414, WPL60409, WPL060409, WPLM60409, WCL60414, WPB60427, WPB060429, WPP60709, WPPM60709, WAOE61007, WZA60528, WZAM60528, WLA60520, WLA060521, WLAM60520, WXA60922, WPL061008, WPLM61008, WNB60910, WLC61021, WLC061022, WLCM61021, WLA61021, WLA061022, WLP61021, WLP061022, WLPM61021, WPLM60326, WPLM60409, WBK61029, WPLM60712, WPLM60906, WPLM60924, WPP60322, WPP60416, WPP60621, WLP060614, WPP60709, WPL60906, WPP60712, WPPM60322, WPPM60416, WPPM60621, WVN61205, WVN61217, WVO60530, WZV60508, WAZ60804, WBP60406, WBP060408, WLC61003, WLC061004, WLCM61003, WVO60808, WBN61109, WBN061111, WKB61218, WKBQ61215, WKBY61215, WBA60607, WBAM60607, WBN60904, WBN060906, WCL60721, WCL060723, WCLM60721, WAL60716, WAL060716, WALM60716, WLC60909, WLC060910, WLCM60909, WLA60909, WLA060910, WLAM60909, WLP60909, WLP060910, WLPM60909, WNB60426, WNB060429, WNB61029, WNB061101, WPP60716, WPPM60716, WPL60716, WPL060716, WPLM60716, WVOE60530, WVOE60808, WVP060425, WVP60425, WXA60412, WXA60412, WXA60419, WZA60403, WZA60417, WZA60702, WZA60709, WZA60716, WZA60724, WZA60730, WZA60903, WZA61015, WZA61016, WZA61203, WZAM60403, WZAM60417, WZAM60702, WAOE60520, WZAM60709, WZAM60716, WZAM60724, WZAM60730, WZAM60903, WZAM61015, WZAM61016, WZB61203, WZN61203, WAB60327, WAB60531, WAB60617, WAB60621, WAB60802, WAB61010, WAB61018, WAB61028, WAL060409, WCL60925, WCL060927, WCLM60925, WPL060823, WPLM60823, WZA60821, WZAM60821, WAB60429, WAV60715, WPL60920, WPL060920, WPLM60920, WZA60820, WZAM60820, WLA60812, WLAM60812, WBA61004, WOB61028, WOB061029, WOBE61026, WON61028, WON061029, WONE61026, WZN061203, WAZ60423, WLA060813, WAL60423, WAL060423, WALM60423, WAZ61022, WAL61022, WAL061022, WALM61022, WAR60908, WOV61005, WOV061006, WOA61005, WLP60711, WLP060712, WLPM60711, WPPM60719, WAZ60925, WBA60517, WBAM60517, WBA60830, WBAM60830, WNB60412, WNB060415, WAV61007, WAB60701, WPPM60712, WPV060722, WPV60719, WRB060526, WRB061013, WRB60524, WRB61011, WRN061013, WRN61011, WVA60925, WVB060831, WVB60829, WNO60412, WNO60920, WNOE60412, WNOE60920, WNR060514, WAB60913, WAZ61210, WON60610, WON60819, WONE60608, WONE60817, WOV060428, WOV060915, WOV60427, WOV60914, WPB060415, WPB060415, WPB060429, WPB60413, WPB60413, WPB60427, WPP60906, WPPM60906, WRA60519, WRA060521, WAZ60605, WAZ61009, WOAE60424, WOAE60911, WOB060611, WOB060820, WOB60610, WOB60819, WOBE60608, WOBE60817, WON060611, WOA061006, WPZ60912, WPZ060915, WLPM60617, WLPM60923, WLPM61007, WNB061004, WNB061008, WNB061018, WNB061020, WNB60530, WNB60607, WNB60621, WNB60702, WNB60809, WNB60920, WNB60924, WNB61001, WNB61005, WNB61015, WNB61017, WAB60708, WPP60719, WON060820, WBA60926, WBAM60926, WOV60706, WOV060707, WOA60706, WOA060707, WOAE60703, WAB60917, WCL60828, WBKQ61026, WAO60729, WAO61007, WAOE60729, WAR60908, WARZ61018, WBA60809, WBAM60809, WAZ60820, WNB60614, WNB060617, WLCM60923, WLCM61007, WLP060405, WLP060409, WPP60423, WPPM60423, WPL60423, WPL060423, WPLM60423, WLP060618, WLP060924, WLP061008, WLP60404, WLP60408, WOA060915, WOA60427, WOA60914, WLPM60404, WLPM60408, WLPM60613, WPP61008, WPPM60709, WAV60520, WAV60729, WNR60512, WNV061129


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