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Save $1,500 per couple on Select Air-Inclusive 2017 Europe river cruises

Save $1,500 per couple on Select Air-Inclusive 2017 Europe river cruises

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Save $500 per couple on select 2017 Avalon Waterways Europe river cruises*

Plus Save $1,000 per couple on Air-Inclusive 2017 Avalon Waterways Europe river cruises**

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*Book a select 2017 Avalon Waterways Europe river cruise to receive $250 off per person on the cruise/land or cruise only price. Booking must be made, under deposit, and discount applied between November 9 and January 3, 2017 for travel in 2017. Not applicable to custom tours. Discount will apply to individual members of groups adding a name and non-refundable per person deposit WITHIN the promo window. Not applicable on TBA space. Offer reliant on space availability at time of booking and may be withdrawn at any time. Combinable with all applicable offers except Single Supplement Waiver. Applies to new 2017 bookings only, and offer will not be applied to pre-existing bookings. Full cancellation penalties will apply. Additional restrictions may apply; see Travel Terms & Conditions for details. May be withdrawn at any time. Offer applies to participating GFOB offices only. PRMW0407

The following departures are excluded from this promotion:
WPP70411, WPP70415, WPP70509, WPP70516, WPP70520, WPP70523, WPP70527, WPP70530, WPP70606, WPP70613, WPP70620, WPP70624, WPP70627, WPP70701, WPP70704, WPP70708, WPP70715, WPP70722, WPP70725, WPP70729, WPP70801, WPP70805, WPP70808T, WPP70815, WPP70822, WPP70826, WPP70829, WPP70902, WPP70905, WPP70912, WPP70919, WPP70923, WPP70926, WPP71003, WPP71010, WPP71017, WPP71021, WRA70402, WRA71029, WRN70416, WRN70430, WRN70528, WRN70611, WRN70709, WRN70723, WRN70806, WRN70903, WRN71001, WVP70421, WVP71026, WXA70721, WXA71020, WZA71029, WZA71104, WZRA71024, WAN070430, WAN070521, WAR070411, WBA170502, WBA170523, WBA170613, WBA170623, WBA170704, WBA170801, WBA170818, WBA170915, WBA170926, WBA170929, WBA171003, WBL071009, WBN070725, WBN070801, WBN071213T, WBP070418, WBP070427, WBP070428, WBLM71008, WBLP71008, WJL070411, WJL070415, WJL070425, WJL070620, WJL070704, WJL070708, WJL070718, WJL070722, WJL070801, WJL070815, WJL070829, WLB070708, WLB070820, WLB071016, WLJ070404, WLJ070408, WLJ070418, WLJ070422, WLJ070502, WLJ070506, WLJ070516, WLJ070520, WLJ070530, WLJ070613, WLJ070617, WLJ070627T, WLJ070715, WLJ070725, WLJ070729, WLJ070808, WLJ070822, WLJ070826, WLJ070905, WLJ070919, WLJ070923, WLJ071003, WLJ071007, WLJ071017, WLP070404, WLP070408, WLP070502, WLP070516, WLP070530, WLP070613, WLP070627T, WLP070725, WLP070729, WLP070808, WLP070822, WLP070826, WLP070905, WLP070919, WLP071003, WNA070423, WNA070507, WNA070528, WNA071005, WNB070418, WNB070728, WNB070801, WNB070808, WNR070425, WNR070704, WNR070718, WNR070801, WOB070727, WOB071019, WPB070425, WPB070426, WPL070408, WPL070613, WPL070627, WPL070715, WPL070725, WPL070808T, WLP070822, WPP170408, WPP170411, WPP170415, WPP170509, WPP170516, WPP170520, WPP170523, WPP170527, WPP170530, WPP170606, WPP170613, WPP170620, WPP170624, WPP170627, WPP170701, WPP170704, WPP170708, WPP170715, WPP170722, WPP170725, WPP170729, WPP170801, WPP170805, WPP170808T, WPP170815, WPP170822, WPP170826, WPP170829, WPP170902, WPP170905, WPP170912, WPP170919, WPP170923, WPP170926, WPP171003, WPP171010, WPP171017, WPP171021, WRA070404, WRA071031, WRN070418, WRN070502, WRN070530, WRN070613, WRN070711, WRN070725, WRN070808, WRN070905, WRN071003, WRN071003, WVP070421, WVP071026, WZAE71027, WZAE71102, WLBM70705, WLBM70817, WLBM71013, WLBP70705, WLBP70817, WLBP71013, WLP170403, WLP170407, WLP170501, WLP170515, WLP170529, WLP170612, WLP170626T, WLP170724, WLP170728, WLP170807, WLP170821, WLP170825, WLP170904, WLP170918, WLP171002, WOBE70723, WOBE71015, WPL170408, WPL170613, WPL170627, WPL170715, WPL170725, WPL170808T, WLP170821, WZA171029, WZA171104, WJL170409, WJL170413, WJL170423, WJL170618, WJL170702, WJL170706, WJL170716, WJL170720, WJL170730, WJL170813, WJL170827, WLJ170403, WLJ170407, WLJ170417, WLJ170421, WLJ170501, WLJ170505, WLJ170515, WLJ170519, WLJ170529, WLJ170612, WLJ170616, WLJ170626T, WLJ170714, WLJ170724, WLJ170728, WLJ170807, WLJ170821, WLJ170825, WLJ170904, WLJ170918, WLJ170922, WLJ171002, WLJ171006, WLJ171016, WZA271027, WZA271102, WPL270408, WPL270613, WPL270627, WPL270715, WPL270725, WPL270808T, WJL270409, WJL270413, WJL270423, WJL270618, WJL270702, WJL270706, WJL270716, WJL270720, WJL270730, WJL270813, WJL270827, WAB70414, WAB70627, WAB70704, WAB70815, WAB70929, WAB71010, WAB71017T, WAN70429, WAN70520, WAR70411, WAX70330, WAX70331, WAX70714, WAX71013, WBA70502, WBA70523, WBA70613, WBA70623, WBA70704, WBA70801, WBA70818, WBA70915, WBA70926, WBA70929, WBA71003, WBL71008, WBN70723, WBN70730, WBN71211T, WBP70416, WBP70425, WBP70426, WHA70402, WJL70409, WJL70413, WJL70423, WJL70618, WLJ70407, WLJ70417, WLJ70421, WLJ70501, WLJ70505, WLJ70515, WLJ70519, WLJ71016, WJL70702, WLJ70529, WLP70403, WLP70407, WLJ70612, WLJ70616, WLJ70626T, WLJ70714, WJL70706, WJL70716, WJL70720, WJL70730, WJL70813, WLJ70724, WLJ70728, WLJ70807, WLJ70821, WLJ70825, WLJ70904, WLJ70918, WLJ70922, WLJ71002, WLJ71006, WJL70827, WLB70708, WLB70820, WLB71016, WLJ70403, WLP70501, WLP70515, WLP70529, WLP70612, WLP70626T, WLP70724, WLP70728, WLP70807, WLP70821, WLP70825, WLP70904, WLP70918, WLP71002, WNA70423, WNA70507, WNA70528, WNA71005, WNB70415, WNB70725, WNB70729, WNB70805, WNR70423, WNR70702, WNR70716, WNR70730, WOB70726, WOB71018, WPB70423, WPB70424, WPL70408, WPL70613, WPL70627, WPL70715, WPL70725, WPL70808T, WPL70822, WPP70408
**Book an Air-Inclusive 2017 Avalon Waterways Europe river cruise to receive $500 off per person on the cruise/land price. Booking must be made, under deposit and discount applied between November 9 and December 6, 2016 for travel in 2017. Not applicable to custom tours. Not applicable on TBA space. Combinable with all applicable promotions except the single supplement waiver. Applies to new 2017 bookings only, and offer will not be applied to pre-existing bookings. Air must be purchased through Avalon in conjunction with a Europe vacation. Cruise only packages may require additional overnight stays at passenger's expense. Air Credit will apply to the per person air price and is non-transferable. An additional $300 non-refundable deposit is required for air booked in conjunction with a land vacation. Once ticketed, airline reservations subject to change/cancellation penalties of between $300 per ticket and 100% of ticket price; air tickets may not be eligible for frequent flyer mileage/point accrual; stopovers cost are additional. Promotional discounts do not carry forward on changed air bookings however other promotions at time of change may be available. Once airfare is confirmed and we have received your full air and land deposit, your air-inclusive price is guaranteed. We reserve the right to ticket passengers upon receipt of full land and air deposit. Additional airline fees for baggage may apply; visit www.iflybags.com for more details. Availability of promotional prices are limited and may be restricted to specific flights, class of service, travel dates or, length of stay. Additional restrictions apply; see our Travel Terms & Conditions for details. Air tickets are non-commissionable. Offer may be withdrawn at any time. Offer is available from participating GFOB offices only. CST#2017032-20. PRMY110


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