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Presenting the Panorama SuitesSM
Only on the Suite Ships® of Avalon.

While others ask you to compromise, we present staterooms that never will.
At Avalon, we’ve taken a radically different approach to stateroom design than other cruise lines. We didn’t compromise. We didn’t cut corners. We didn’t make our rooms an afterthought. We didn’t crowd and jam and squish. And we didn’t let our accountants design them. Instead we designed our Suite Ships® with an attention to detail river cruising has never seen before. We brought innovation, imagination and a relentless desire to create a smart use of space to our one-of-a-kind Panorama SuitesSM. And that means a more comfortable, more relaxing, more enjoyable vacation for you.

Is it a stateroom that feels like a balcony?
Or a balcony that feels like a stateroom?

Yes. Because our unique Open-Air-Balcony® is actually part of the stateroom. And our stateroom is actually part of our balcony. It's a new idea in ship balconies, and only Avalon has it. We call it the Open-Air-Balcony and it’s been designed to give you more space inside your room. Our giant wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling windows bring the outside in.

They started with walls. We stared with windows.

A small, narrow balcony versus the Avalon Open-Air Balcony®.



When it comes to balconies, other cruise companies have decided that it somehow makes sense to make your room a whole lot smaller, in order to give you a hardly useable outdoor space they call a “balcony.” As you can see, there’s not a lot of room for people to enjoy the view out there. Well if you expect more, the only place to find it is with an Avalon Open-Air Balcony®.


It allows you to make full use of the balcony experience in any weather condition, in any season, without compromising stateroom space. How’d we do it? We pushed your room all the way out to the edge of the ship. Then we made the whole wall a window and we gave you a giant seven-foot opening. The result is a space where you can slide the doors wide open, and enjoy the feeling of sitting comfortably “outside” as the amazing views of castles and villages, rolling green hills and ancient cities pass by. This newfound space also allowed us to furnish it with a love seat and chairs, a table where you can enjoy a meal of an evening drink, and enough room for entertaining friends.

Our Open-Air-Balcony

Panorama SuitesSM.
They're the most unique rooms in river cruising.

We brought an unprecedented level of thoughtfulness and attention to detail to every aspect of our Panorama Suites. And way beyond any other stateroom in river cruising. Then we filled our ship with them - 80% of the staterooms on our Suite Ships® are Panorama Suites. They’re 30% larger than the average stateroom in river cruising.

A bed for those who like to look at a view. Not a wall.

A ship bathroom that doesn’t feel like a ship bathroom.

Throw out any preconceived notion you have of a small, cramped ship bathroom. And take a look at an Avalon bathroom. First we made them spacious. Then we made them luxurious. We've enlarged our showers. We've included marble countertops, premium fixtures, floor-to-ceiling granite tiles, L'Occitane® bath products and a feeling of elegance throughout. It's a bathroom that could be in a luxury hotel...now available on a ship.

A ship bathroom that doesn’t feel like a ship bathroom.

We invite you to come experience a cruise unlike any other.

Some big-ship cruise deals sound like an incredible bargain...until you are on board and have to pay extra for everything. On an Avalon Waterways river cruise, "included" is the name of the game – and has been since came on the scene a decade ago.

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