Photos of Avalon River Cruise & Small Cruise Ships

River Cruise Ships & Small Cruise Ships

River Cruise Ships & Small Cruise Ships

See the Old World on the Newest Cruise Ships.

View from Avalon Panorama Suite Ship® RoomSeeing the Old World doesn't mean you have to cruise on an old ship. Avalon's remarkable, award-winning fleet is the youngest on the European waterways - significantly younger than the industry average, which means every Avalon ship delivers the largest staterooms, most innovative technologies, inspired designs, and highly desirable features and services. Whether you're reading under designer lighting in a cozy corner of the Panorama Lounge, sipping a cocktail made from premium spirits after dinner, or watching the passing riverscapes as you keep up with your fitness routine in the Fitness Center, you'll experience our passion for details.

Introducing Our Newest Suite Ships®

In order to deliver a cruise unlike any other, we're constantly evolving the Avalon experience, adding intriguing features—and exciting new ships—every year! For 2015, we're adding two more Suite Ships® to our fleet. Joining the Artistry II®, Expression®, PanoramaSM, Visionary®, VistaSM, IlluminationSM, ImpressionSM, and Avalon Poetry II®, the gorgeous Avalon Tranquility II® and Tapestry II® will grace the legendary waters of Europe. So, what makes a Suite Ship® so sweet? Our exclusive Panorama Suites - exquisite accommodations with more space to stretch out and enjoy your cruise, innovative room configuration to highlight every view, and a huge Open-Air Balcony® that provides an indoor/outdoor seating area without sacrificing room space. Plus, we offer Avalon Choice®...for a uniquely customizable river cruise adventure.
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Europe Ships     Talk to an Expert
Avalon Tranquility II® (2015)   Details and Cruises
Avalon Tapestry II® (2015)   Details and Cruises
Avalon Poetry II® (2014)   Details and Cruises
Avalon IlluminationSM (2014)   Details and Cruises
Avalon ImpressionSM (2014)   Details and Cruises
Avalon Expression® (2013)   Details and Cruises
Avalon Artistry II® (2013)   Details and Cruises
Avalon Visionary® (2012)   Details and Cruises
Avalon VistaSM (2012)   Details and Cruises
Avalon PanoramaSM (2011)   Details and Cruises
Avalon Felicity® (2010)     Details and Cruises
Avalon Luminary® (2010)     Details and Cruises
Avalon Affinity® (2009)     Details and Cruises
Avalon Creativity® (2009)     Details and Cruises
Avalon Scenery® (2008)     Details and Cruises

Ships on North American Waterways

United States Ships       Talk to an Expert
American Queen   Details and Cruises

Ships on Exotic Waterways

Asia Ships       Talk to an Expert
Avalon Siem ReapSM   Details and Cruises
Avalon MyanmarSM   Details and Cruises
Avalon AngkorSM   Details and Cruises
Century Legend     Details and Cruises
Century Paragon     Details and Cruises

Galapagos Islands Ships     Talk to an Expert
Santa Cruz     Details and Cruises
Isabela II     Details and Cruises

Amazon Ship   Talk to an Expert
Aria   Details and Cruises






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