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You see life differently. While others chase what's popular, you follow your own path. Your own voice has never led you astray. You've arrived, knowing what it’s taken to get here. At Avalon, we share your unique point of view. That's why we've designed a cruise experience that’s just a bit different. Spaces are bigger. Views are more epic. Excursions are more enriching. It's a step beyond the ordinary, but knowing you, we think you'll feel at home here. Welcome aboard.

Whether you'd like a romantic mini-break, an extended exploration, or something in between, with Avalon Waterways, you get to choose the river cruise that reveals the very best of Europe, Asia, South America, or Africa-your way!

We're Looking Out for the Way You Look Out

When your bed faces a wall, the view never changes. Which is precisely why our beds, unlike other cruise lines, face a window.* Because we think letting you see the incredible views that river cruising is famous for, is a darned good idea. And if we put that much attention into a bed, imagine what we’ve done for the rest of your experience.

*70% of the Avalon Europe fleet features beds facing the window.

Freedom, Not Confinement

30% more space makes you feel 100% more comfortable. Over 80% of our staterooms in our Suite Ships® are 200-square foot Panorama Suites, 30% larger than the average stateroom. And at 172 square feet, our Deluxe Staterooms are still spacious, comfortable, and quiet (thank you, sound insulation!).
Beds with a View
Staterooms & Comfort

Better Views Are Just the Beginning

Come see for yourself and read about how Avalon Waterways is different from all other river cruise companies.

View Our Unique Point of View Guide

We Measure in Smiles, Not Stars.

We'd rather have smiles on our guests' faces than white gloves on our crew. Our focus on board is to ensure each guest is comfortable and relaxed, leaving the pomp and circumstance to others. It’s service that you'll find is in perfect balance with the warm, inviting spaces throughout your Avalon ship.

Small Details Make a Big Impression

When it comes to the little touches, we think big-like L'Occitane® products atop your bathroom's marble countertop and a well-stocked library in the espresso lounge. Included wine with dinner is nice. The fact that it's from the same region as the view outside your window is even nicer. That's the kind of attention we put into every detail.

Delicious in Every Flavor

From the first bite to the last "Mmmm," Avalon gives you lots of choices when it comes to dining. And because we start with fresh, quality local ingredients, delectable recipes and expert chefs, you’ll look forward to each meal the same way you look forward to each port. You pick the time, the place and the tastes you are craving, and we'll deliver dining perfection every time. And, while Avalon cruises have always provided a selection of nutritious, delicious recipes, in 2017, we’re really raising the bar with Avalon FreshSM.

Additional Dining Information & Sample Menus

Choose from multiple venues

With Avalon Choice® you choose your dining experience morning, noon, and night on our Suite Ships®. Up early or prefer to sleep in? No problem. Our Early and Late-Riser Continental breakfasts ensure you're off to a great start. Whether it's surrounded by breathtaking panoramic views in the Main Dining Room, an al fresco lunch at the Sky Bistro (weather permitting), or a casual light lunch or dinner in the Panorama Bistro, the choice is yours. And we never charge extra for these alternatives.

Choose to dine à la carte

Each à la carte meal includes a variety of options for each course. Plus, enjoy complimentary sparkling wine and juices with breakfast, soft drinks with lunch, and every dinner is paired with complimentary wines selected by a professional sommelier.

Choose from our exclusive culinary events

From a five-course welcome dinner to special "tastings," our onboard culinary events will truly enhance your cruise experience.

Choose to experience the local culture

Nothing reveals the heart of a destination like its food, so we offer a delicious selection of local recipes for you to sample-with an included regional wine paired with each onboard dinner.

Cruises to Exotic Destinations.

Experience all that Avalon has to offer in exotic locations like Southeast Asia, China, the Galápagos Island, Egypt or the Peruvian Amazon. A journey on one of Asia’s great rivers, Yangtze, Mekong, or Irrawaddy, offers a tapestry of fascinating sights, colorful cultures, and ancient traditions. In South America you may embark down one of the world's vastly unexplored regions, the mighty Amazon, or explore the home of some of the world's most fascinating animal life in the Galápagos Island.

Southeast Asia & China

Experience one of our new all-suite ships in Southeast Asia with no more than 36 travelers or cruise the Yangtze, the longest river in Asia and the 3rd longest in the world at more than 3,915 miles.

Mekong Irrawaddy Yangtze

South America

Imagine venturing deep into the Amazon jungle in search of elusive wildlife, taking a swim with pink dolphins, and visiting native communities, or exploring the remarkable volcanic isles of the Galápagos firsthand, where you'll discover the wildlife that inspired Charles Darwin.

Amazon Galápagos Island


Journey along the lifeline of Egyptian civilization, experiencing incredible sights that include ancient temples, tombs, and local villages. Measuring 4,160 miles, the Nile is the longest river in the world, flowing north from Lake Victoria through Uganda, Sudan, and Egypt. Passing rainforests, mountains, savannas, swamps, and desert landscapes, it culminates in the fertile Nile Delta and drains into the Mediterranean Sea.

Nile River

Tips & Tricks

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